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NGC-6992 is the eastern arc of the Veil Nebula, a supernova remnant which lies about 2.5 degrees to the ENE of NGC-6960, the western arc. These two arcs are part of a huge bubble of gas that is the result of a titanic explosion of a star which took place over 45,000 years ago. This bubble is still expanding at a rate of 45 miles per second! Both arcs of the Veil Nebula lie at a distance of 1500 light years from Earth.
This image, acquired on July 29, 2014, is a 1 hour integration of 6 minute exposures through the Celestron C-11 at f/2, using the HyperStar III imaging system and the Starlight Express SXVR-H694C color CCD camera operating at -10 degrees below ambient temperature and binned 1 X 1. Guided, captured and combined using Maxim DL5 Pro. Post processed using PhotoShop CS2, Gradient XTerminator, StarShrink, Carboni's Astro Tools and NoiseWare.

NGC-6992, Eastern Veil

NGC-6992, Eastern Veil
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